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How illuminouz became a realty.

“And of some have compassion, making a difference. “

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Kathleen Loveland illuminouz

“I am thrilled that everyone who uses the recipes, resources and products from illuminouz are taking steps to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones.”

Kathleen Loveland 
illuminouz CEO

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Certified Nutritionist

After teaching for twenty years, Kathleen Loveland resigned her full-time position to devote her time as an at home caregiver.

But then…

Just a few months after moving in, her father-in-law suffered a massive heart attack.

She quickly started researching his prescription medicines and discovered that he was over-medicated.


Over the last few years, with doctor oversight, Kathleen has been able to reduce the amount of prescriptions he takes in half and help maintain his overall health by cooking with healthy recipes, simple yoga therapy and lots of love and encouragement.

Her mother-in-law is maintaining her cancer free status, and her special needs sister-in-law is able to live on her own.


Kathleen knows that caregivers fulfill many different roles as they work to meet both the physical and mental needs of their loved ones, sometimes at the cost of their own health. 

She wants to help change that.

Kathleen started illuminouz and is now a certified nutritionist. Through her passions for natural health and cooking healthy recipes, Kathleen seeks to inspire people and especially other caregivers, improving their lives along with the lives of the loved ones they care for. She believes that making simple better choices can lead to lasting positive impacts in overall health and wellness. She teaches nutrition workshops in her local community on a monthly basis. Kathleen also hopes to start up a non-profit organization to provide free nutritional advice to those who want it in her local area. She does not accept insurance, and since many of the people who need nutritional counselling the most, can’t afford it, the non-profit would solve that problem. 

She’s starting with her own health.

Kathleen was suffering with Tendonitis and Bursitis in her elbow, shoulder and hip. She started doing yoga, and as her strength, flexibility and balance increased, she was able to get rid of her pain. Doing yoga also helper her reduce her stress levels which are typically high with at home caregivers. Kathleen has a passion for sharing her knowledge with others in hopes of improving their overall health and happiness. 

She’s using her artistic skills to design yoga wear.

Exercise is so important for physical health and mental wellness. Every product is handmade to order in a safe, ethical manner with minimal environmental impact. Kathleen’s yoga wear collections feature her eco-friendly Citra Art and are crafted with the highest quality, ethically sourced materials. The packaging is even made from 100% recycled materials.

Eco-friendly Art

Kathleen’s use of an eco-friendly artform called Citra Art allows her to challenge the boundaries of abstract ink art utilizing naturally occurring hidden pictures to add elements of fun and mystery. While visually exploring the images on the yoga wear clothing and products, one can escape the stresses of life and find release in a sort of fashion therapy.