3 Super Simple Ways To Cut Calories

If you have a goal of losing weight to achieve better overall health, then cutting calories may help.

Adequate hydration, serving size and how you eat your food all play important rolls in how many calories a person consumes each day and losing weight. Try these super simple tips to easily help you cut calories.

Tip 1.

  • Staying hydrated is something that most people unknowingly don’t do. 
  • Water is involved in many processes of the body that are critical for human survival. 
  • Inadequate hydration is a major cause of many of the chronic diseases that are afflicting people around the world. 
  • We rarely drink enough water to fulfill our daily requirement of fluids, and many times, we consume drinks that are filled with refined sugar and caffeine counteracting our goals of losing weight.
  • Often, hunger pains are confused with thirst. Drink a glass of plain water about 15-20 minutes before each meal. 
  • Think of it as an appetizer. If plain water is not your favorite thing, then add a squeeze of lemon or lime to it. 
  • The water will help satisfy your thirst and take up some space in your stomach helping you to cut calories when you eat your meal. 
  • Make sure to have another drink during your meal as usual.
proper hydration helps curb hunger

Tip 2.

  • This one is a little bit of a subconscious thing. We have been trained in our society to fill our plate and clean our plate.
  • You don’t have to use a dinner plate for dinner. Use a smaller sized luncheon plate. It will take less food to fill it up.
  • When our minds see a full plate no matter what size it is, we subconsciously feel like we’re getting more. 
  • There is an extra step to this trick, though. Don’t go back for seconds. 
  • Between eating less on the smaller plate and not going back for second helpings, you will be able to cut calories and get closer to your goal of losing weight. 

Tip 3. 

  • “How can I be satisfied with that?”you ask.
  • Did your grandmother ever tell you to chew each bite 100 times? Well, that was good advice. 
  • Not to say that you have to chew each bite 100 times, but chew each bite slowly and very thoroughly before you swallow. 
  • The act of chewing releases an enzyme in your mouth that helps with the digestion process. Plus, savoring your food leads to a much more satisfying experience.
  • It takes about 20 minutes for your body to realize that your stomach is full, so instead of quickly scarfing down your meal, allow yourself time to enjoy each bite. 
  • Smell your food, relax and chew it well. By the time 20 minutes has come, you will have consumed less and cut calories. 
  • When you do feel full, stop eating.

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